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This here is Kyuuta, some asshole who posts too much about silly box dogs taking a manly journey for men.
Stuff I like includes :
-Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
-Tokyo Jungle
-Pokemon (particularly Black and White)
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Going through Ginga Seiken and I don’t know why this is a question but

"Q. 30: Who is decidedly the strongest dog?

A. 30: Riki!”

So what is Riki?

He is greatest threat!

My attempts to start off the year with a picture of the small change in my Ginga collection have been foiled by a tiny dog butt that enjoys messing up my room, so I opted for a very cluttered looking shelf update instead

It’s close to another anniversary of me starting my Ginga collection, and I hope it continues to grow, even if it’s slowly. My first items were volumes 5-10 of 3rd edition GNG. I don’t like showing these volumes off (except fucking volume 8, I shove Riki in everyone’s face) because they’re a bit worn out and they have some embarrassing attached to them. I was much younger and so happy about having them that I took them with me everywhere like every damn day.

So I was reading Shin Gaiden’s first chapter when I noticed the above page and I just thought of

Ginga Ships?

This feels a little odd, but I’m curious.

I’m curious as to what the people in the fandom ship, if they ship anything at all. Although I have seen posts shipping characters occasionally, (I’ve seen Jeromu and Weedy) I’m wondering how many actually do. I personally don’t go looking for pairings (not much to work with with the characters) but I do have a favorite pairing from the Ginga series.

Your thoughts, friends. Do you ship? Who do you ship? Why? Why not? Is there any pairing that pisses you off?

Stalked in the forest, too close to hide 
I’ll be upon you by the moonlight side 
Do do do do do do do dodo dododo dodo 
I’m sneak-attacking ‘cause I’m John and I’m right, 
You feel my heat, I’m just a moment behind 

what the fuck is even happening

ARTIST // Goro Ohmi
SONG // 08 Ready, Go!
ALBUM // Ginga Nagareboshi Gin BGM Soundtrack

Out of all the songs on GNG BGM’s soundtrack, “Ready, Go!” is literally my favorite. For me it ranks above “Across the Sea” and “Birth of Gin,” even with its feels factor. 

I don’t even think it was used in the anime, but it pumps the hell out me. It’s just odd compared to the other songs on the soundtrack to me (besides “Rush,” which it sounds close to) and I love it.