Look! A blog with flying buff dogs has appeared!

This here is Kyuuta, some asshole who posts too much about silly box dogs taking a manly journey for men.
Stuff I like includes :
-Ginga Nagareboshi Gin
-Tokyo Jungle
-Pokemon (particularly Black and White)
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I’ve played tons of MMOs over the years, but indie MMORPG Secondhand Lands was the only one to hold my loyalty for a loooong time. It wasn’t visually pleasing (look at those woofs) but the witty dialogue and NPCs, weird locations, fun battles, and at times, ridiculously hard quests kept me playing it. Then in 2012, it closed down.

It reopened again last week, and seeing all the players I knew after 2 years was a pretty amazing experience. All our characters have been wiped and there’s about a billion things I have to redo, but that won’t stop me from playing it all over again.

Going through Ginga Seiken and I don’t know why this is a question but

"Q. 30: Who is decidedly the strongest dog?

A. 30: Riki!”

So what is Riki?

He is greatest threat!

I am taking a journey to a familiar place, but I hesitate as I look into the forsaken horizon.

I know I must move forward and take the challenge head on.



Thank you so much, friend!

I’ve made a terrible mistake.

mousefur replied to your post: My attempts to start off the year with…

awesome!!! how is that gdw art book.. (the silver one on the right?) im always tempted to get it

Oh man, Ginga Seiken is pretty cool from what I got when I read through it real quick. It’s a GNG data book and it could probably have a lot more info but it’s Ginga so yeah. It’s definitely worth buying just for that poster/map of where Gin and everyone else traveled, though.

My attempts to start off the year with a picture of the small change in my Ginga collection have been foiled by a tiny dog butt that enjoys messing up my room, so I opted for a very cluttered looking shelf update instead

It’s close to another anniversary of me starting my Ginga collection, and I hope it continues to grow, even if it’s slowly. My first items were volumes 5-10 of 3rd edition GNG. I don’t like showing these volumes off (except fucking volume 8, I shove Riki in everyone’s face) because they’re a bit worn out and they have some embarrassing attached to them. I was much younger and so happy about having them that I took them with me everywhere like every damn day.



I was sitting around being unproductive waiting for my food when I started wondering what could possibly be the next Ginga protag and true otoko happened

Justice will prevail!

Seigi will be the ultimate Ginga legend, look at how amazing he is